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March 7, 2008 2 Comments by Regina

You know how if you put something out into the universe, it usually comes back to you? Well, I’ve no idea what I did but I have been experiencing a slew of requests for exterior commissions. (One really high and really scary I’ll tell you about if it pans out…) ?Many people say “Really? You faux exteriors? What’s that about?”.? The answer is yes – and although the types of faux finishes are legion, the ones suitable for exteriors are a bit more limited, LOL!

Exteriors have to be approached with an organized plan.? First, you take into account the substrate — a fancy word for the surface you’ll be working on — and what finishes will look best on that. ?Also, the architecture — you don’t want to suggest a Tuscan finish if the building is clearly contemporary.? If it’s dirty, it will need to be pressure washed since all your material will stick to that dust/dirt and will be relatively easy to come off. ?Finally, make sure all the products you use are exterior-rated, UV-protected, non-yellowing, scrub resistant and has excellent adhesion…all those pretty words that mean a lot, trust.? Here’s why: I once did a home with the regular glazing products I use for the interiors, never thinking it would be a problem.? I came back the next day and it was seriously faded and worse…a completely different color. ?Oh, how I cursed the sun and stood there shaking at it with my fist! ?(No, I’m just kidding — I just wanted to give you that as a visual, LOL!) ?What I really did was far less dramatic…I just stood there with my mouth open while calculating in my head how much it was going to cost me to do it over. ?That was my one and only lesson in checking your products — I’m a quick learner, folks.

My favorite glaze to use in exteriors is Adicolor’s Glacis and we create the color with universal tints. ?The Glacis has never gone wrong for us and we like that it’s water-based. ?I’ve actually driven by the exteriors we’ve done after a hurricane has come barreling through.? If it withstands the rain-driven winds of a hurricane, it’s a good glaze. For exteriors you can also use patinas, crackles, limewashes and other products. ?You can check with the manufacturer as well about exterior durability since some may be just fine with a few coats of an exterior-rated topcoat. ?Here are some of the exteriors we’ve worked on:

Crackled Shutters & Doors…

Exterior House 2 Exterior Crackled Doors

Here is a nice Before/During and a faux close-up…

Exterior Glazing Before Closeup Faux

….and the full After.

Exterior Glazing 2

Lanai Columns with Venetian Crackle — they are made to look like weathered wood.

Exterior Columns

This is a house where the exterior leads into an interior courtyard and then you enter the home. ?The pic on the left is the Before — it had a flat gray color. ?The client had a waterfall of patinas added to the courtyard walls and on the right, you can see our during work in the courtyard’s arch (and see a peak of the patina waterfall). ?The stone arch was in its during phase (we made it more realistic later) but you can see part of the crew working to create a beautiful design within by the use of Modello muses.? The third pic is an After shot.

Before Exterior Courtyard


Finally, some limewashes. ?The builder requested that these townhouses look aged, water-beaten and faded.

Ft. Lauderdale 2

Ft. Lauderdale

3/8 Update: Added one more pic!

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One Comment

  1. Julie Dexter-GoldLeafWalls
    1786 days ago

    Regina, You are a wonder! Beautiful work (on both jobs)!
    Great Columns and patina finish!
    …and I’d imagine a very tiring project! Bet you slept well
    after that one! Love the little “Dinosaur” lift. How long did it take?
    Very nice post, and good info…never tackled an exterior. Hmmm…
    I think I’ll just call you!! Thanks for sharing!

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    [...] color and use within glazes to great success.? However, that product is not exterior-rated (ask me how I know) and although we love the wood color options, we’ve been searching for another product that [...]

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