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Feelin’ Very Blue

March 25, 2008 No Comments by Regina

So, I’m feeling very blue. ?My cat, Angel, whom I’ve personally had since September 1994, passed away of lung cancer.? My husband and I were together to say goodbye to her during her last moments and our hearts just about broke.? It feels so strange not to have my “shadow” (she followed me everywhere) and not have her run and greet both my husband and I the moment we would walk through the door.? She is loved and missed.

I thought I’d put together a mix of travel and finish pictures with the color blue as the theme (crazy how the mind works, no).? I hope you like them.

dr-wall-closeup.jpg fall.jpg

post-theatrejpg.jpg stripes15.jpg


dsc_0002.JPG falls.jpg

dsc01557.JPG italy-venice-8.jpg

On the left is is my favorite blue pic — it’s because of my gorgeous husband. ?He’s perusing the next stop on our Newport Mansions tour. ?On the right is Angel.

cree-in-newport.jpg angel.jpg

Seeing them serves to remind me to appreciate every moment.? I hope I’ve inspired you to do that today, too.

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  1. Chris
    2463 days ago

    I am proud to say I am Regina’s husband. Just like my gorgeous wife, I am heart-broken over losing our Angel. Our home will never be the same without her, but she will always be with us. For those of you reading this comment, thank you so much for visiting my wife’s blog. Please continue to read her entries. I guarantee you will always be entertained.

  2. Regina Garay
    2462 days ago

    What a nice surprise — thank you, honey! :)

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