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The Beauty of Ombre

June 11, 2010 14 Comments by Regina

Ombre is a French term which means “shaded” and it speaks of a color gradating from one tone to the next. We see it a lot in the fashion world:

Fashion 1 Fashion 2 Monique Lhuillier 17189545
From clothing…

aspen handbag alexis hudson

…to handbags…

Ombre Hair Photo by Tommy Ton jakandjildotcom

…and even hairstyles… (Regina Note: LOVE! I’d be all over this if I could pull it off.)

It’s also a look perfect for Interior Design. A more sophisticated technique will use shades from the same color family but you can also mix playful colors to create a more striking look. When using this finish, I like to go to my reference file (some images below) for good color combinations or color placement. (BTW, how beautiful are those green-ish doors in the 4th pic? Mother Nature created those in Rome. She’s the best artist.)

Verona 3 Reference

Reference 2 Rome

Here’s a kitchen our studio did with a subtle fading of color…I’d love to something with neutral grays in a modern loft as well…

Ombre 2

I recently found a DIY finish (pic below) called Paint a Faux Venetian Plaster in the Better Homes and Gardens website. The instructions are on creating a Venetian Plaster look with just paints but it actually showcases an Ombre finish. Whod’ve thunk? Hope you’ve enjoyed this post — have yourself a wonderful weekend, dear Reader. I’m off to DC and hope to find some beauties to share! :)

BHG Image

Image and Fashion Credits & Appreciations: Alexis Hudson, Givenchy, Monique Lhuillier, Luxist, Jak and Jil. Please contact me if you see a credit I have inadvertently missed. Thank you!

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  1. Dana Tucker
    1655 days ago

    I loved that Better Homes and Gardens paint technique so much that I had my husband paint that in our dining room. I love it!!! We get lots of compliments. Great post!

  2. Monica Zeuli
    1655 days ago

    I learned something today!!!!! I didnt realize there was a name for it. Back in art school, we did alot of that and I dont recall it having a name. We used to do whole paintings in shades of gray. How facinating. Thanks Regina!!!!

  3. Julie Young
    1655 days ago

    Hi Regina,
    My client and designer asked me if I knew what an ombre purse was. I felt stupid because I really did not know. When they explained to me what they wanted it was easy to accomplish and it was fun. It was with colorful paints and not textures like your gorgeous inspirational photos.
    Our ombre wall went from tangerine to mango to fushia to strawberry to cherry red. Love your blog! It is an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to read it! julie

  4. Theresa Cheek
    1654 days ago

    Fabulous, fabulous post! Your photos are eye candy! It’s funny you showed the Better Homes and Gardens article….I have the magazine that was from and used it in a home about 4 years ago….I have troweled paint ever since ….great look!

  5. Regina
    1653 days ago

    I’m glad this post was enjoyed so much. :) The DIY recipe is a good one!

  6. stencil helen
    1651 days ago

    Fab post Regina. When I gave my talk at the IDAL convention last July I touched upon my exprerience as part of a colour trend panel for a UK paint company. I said “I can not give you a sneak preview as to what the new colours will be… but look for dip dyed surfaces”. If I had said ombre I might have made more sense.

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