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Ornamental Inspirations

July 26, 2010 3 Comments by Regina

Well, the IDAL convention is officially over and I am so bummed I wasn’t able to make it. I will be looking at all the blogs I love to read and posting IDAL coverage links so those of us who didn’t go can read them. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few images of ornamental, patterned and stenciled surfaces to serve as inspiration as an ode to IDAL.

This room was put together by designer, Perla Lichi. Love the embossed stenciled entrances.

Big, yummy graphic from the mind of Marcel Wanders.

Ceilings are a perfect surface for decoration, whether as an accent (left) or overall (right). The left image is from an Ebanista ad and the right image is the library at Pitzhanger Manor as profiled in the book, Regency Redux.

Featured in Elle Decor, this residence in Florence belongs to Maria Beatrice and Leonardo Ferragamo. You can see one more pic here.

This looks like (and could be) marquetry but you can achieve a similar effect using wood stains and gorgeous architectural stencils. If you know the source, send it along, por favor! BTW, here’s a gorgeous post on marquetry.

Being surrounded by patterns is wonderful, non? On the left, inspiration via patterns by Stark, Scalamandre, Osborne & Little and Brunschwig & Fils. On the right, is a room in Terrace Hill, home of Iowa’s governors. The restoration work was done by Dick Labertew and Mark Lundberg as profiled in the now-defunct Paint Decor magazine.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these inspirations…see you tomorrow! :)

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  1. Ellen sweet Moss
    1609 days ago

    I am truly inspired. Thanks, Ellen

  2. Regina
    1607 days ago

    It’s what I strive for — thanks, Ellen! :)

  3. Elvie Fritzman
    1605 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m always looking for valuable information to share with clients and contractors, and this post is without a doubt worth sharing!

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