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September 16, 2010 3 Comments by Regina

Holy Amazing Wow. [recave]

An excellent blog post on mirrored walls — and not just ’cause our work is included. [Rose et Lis]

A downside to the DIY decal thing… [Catalog Living]

Hmm. Had no idea this kind of help existed. [Amazon]

OK. I adore cats but this idea was questionable. Plus, it must have been a nightmare to film. Noooooooo, thank you. Cute commercial, though. [Apartment Therapy]

This is almost unreal. It’s a wood sculpture from beginning to beautiful end. [Randall Rosenthal]

On the beautiful art of Strapwork… [Art's the Answer]

30 Days to Better Business Writing — great for small businesses to read. Well, the folks running said small businesses.  [Bad Language]

A very cool blog with lots of information on artists and artistic movements. [Art for Art's Sake]

I love these. They would be perfect to transport small items during traveling, no? [Art and Alfalfa]

Some people take surreal sculpture a bit too far. [*moggit]

A decorative artist who writes a cooking blog. A very yummy cooking blog. I’m hungry now. [Spinach Tiger]

I would buy this house in a minute, I love it so. [TrekEarth]

Jonathan Adler’s Manifesto makes me smile. [Jonathan Adler]

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  1. Gina
    1554 days ago

    Dear Regina, Thank you for including me in your “Observation” post. I am in such excellent company.
    It is always a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog.

    Regina (Gina)

  2. Regina
    1553 days ago

    Gina – Hello…and my pleasure! I do so enjoy your work. As I’m traveling now, I realized I procrastinated in not buying your wonderful sachets. I could have used them to add a touch of beauty to all the everyday gear. What is your direct shop to purchase? I missed the link to your Etsy shop. Thank you for your beautiful comment. :)

  3. Gina
    1549 days ago

    Dear Regina, I’m off to Paris and then Marrakech. Will contact you as soon as I return.
    I’m delighted that you like my little sachets. Maybe you would like something very special, something customized just for you.

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