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The Society of Gilders

December 15, 2010 3 Comments by Regina

Originally called the Guild of Gilders, the Society of Gilders seek to educate and elevate the art of gilding. They have a beautiful website that gives a nice overview on leafing and is a fantastic resource for their members.

This Platinum-leafed ceiling was featured in Architectural Digest and impressively photographed by Andrew Twort. The gorgeous interiors are by Candy & Candy.

There is so much more to gilding than sizing (glue) and laying on the leaf. The Society seeks to pass on the knowledge of correct material use along with proper prepwork, application and protection. There are also many disciplines within the art form: water gilding, restoration, verre eglomisé and lettering to name a few. The organization is so generous — when my brother, Jason, was preparing to attend their recent conference in New Orleans, the group’s representatives made sure every question we had was answered and that we were completely set up nicely. Membership ranges from $50 – $250 yearly and most include a subscription to their newsletter, their magazine The Gilder’s Tip, inclusion in their directory, access to their full website resources and more.

Luxe Clive Christian Cabinetry with gold leaf detailing (left) and a home with leafed crown and architectural details as profiled in Florida Design (right). Click to enlarge.

We’ve written about gilding before — here, here and here. I think it’s an art form that needs to be nurtured and passed on. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post — and consider joining and supporting the Society of Gilders and their suggested schools. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Ann
    1463 days ago

    SOG is a great group to join. I have been a member for years and feel I receive much more than I give.

    I agree- gilding and all that goes with it are to be treasured and passed on.

  2. Regina
    1463 days ago

    Amen, sista!

  3. Cait Whitson
    1304 days ago

    I just came across this in a search. The top room was from Architectural Digest was worked on by Emily Swift Jones and my husband. It is in Monte Carlo and they worked on the wall finishes, not the gilding.
    It was a fantastic project!

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