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Groin Ceiling Week: Jeff Huckaby

January 21, 2011 15 Comments by Regina

Today we conclude Groin Ceiling Week and it makes me a bit sad to see it end — they are such a joy for me to put together! If you ever want to continue finding gorgeous pics of groin ceilings, just use Google Images — for instance, it brought up these for me when I typed in “rib vault groin”. Flickr also has wonderful images in a searchable database. Speaking of wonderful images, we have Jeff Huckaby of Jeff Huckaby Special Painting to close out Groin Ceiling Week. He’s previously been profiled by CNN and today shares two groin ceiling projects with us.

Jeff Huckaby is a decorative painter in the truest sense of the word. He first creates maquettes for his clients to approve. Then, using the small-scale drawings as a guide, the work will either be done straight onto the surface or on a canvas painted in his studio to be installed later on site. He primarily freehands the designs but also uses custom-cut stencils to help establish the pattern. Today, we showcase his work on two groin ceiling projects. “These three groin vaults were for a client of my friend, Algieri Pabon, and it was a spec house in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area,” says Jeff of the first project.

He continues, “I was still figuring out a lot of things about decorative painting in 2006, coincidentally, I still am in 2011! One thing that mystified me, at the time, was how to get a “fauxed look” behind the basic lines of the design. I was scared beyond reason to paint on top of a faux painted surface back then. So when it came time to paint the design on to the groins, I did it in a very labor intensive way. I can’t imagine doing this now, but, then, it made perfect sense to me. I spent 4 days painting masking fluid over the basic neutral colored lines of the design that I had already painted and added shadow to. 4 DAYS?  What was I thinking?

Jeff Huckaby

Anyway, after the lines were masked, I could then do the red and green fauxed colored backgrounds and then pull off the masking fluid. The end, at the time, justified the means. But I’m glad I’m a bit more brave now…and wise!

The second project was located in Palm Coast, Florida.

The theme? Palms! The pic below shows the adjacent hall ceiling, which Jeff also painted to accompany the groin.

~ ~ ~
Jeff’s work is incredible and he never ceases to amaze me. Please do look over his company website since there’s much goodness to find there — I know you’ll enjoy it! THANK YOU, dear Readers, for coming along with me on Groin Ceiling Week! I hope it was fun and informative. An extra special thank you to all the artists who submitted their work. I truly wish I could have included everyone — but there is always the next week-long series! Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. krista
    1431 days ago

    Simply stunning!!!!

  2. Lesley Anne Kinney
    1431 days ago

    Loved your blog this week. Lots of beautiful images.

  3. Dana Tucker
    1431 days ago

    I found Jeff on your blog a couple of years ago when you featured him and was amazed at his talent. I have been admiring his work ever since. I love, love, love the distressed painted panel doors on his website. Gorgeous work Jeff! Great post Regina!

  4. Ann @ Plumsiena
    1431 days ago

    Wow! Jeff’s work is really amazing!

    Serious hours were put into those ceilings. Doing that basket weave would have put me over the edge!

    Thanks for all of your research and hard work, Regina. It was a fun series!

  5. Kathy Wear
    1431 days ago


  6. Jennifer Carrasco
    1430 days ago

    Regina, your style in both writing and art is endlessly interesting and unique. Every entry is fresh and new, and highlights some special aspect of decorative art or artist. Jeff’s work is terrific, and your generous coverage will help him grow even more in his business. Thanks for this entry and all the ones in the past.

  7. Melanie Royals
    1430 days ago

    Ditto what Jennifer said! I am totally in love with that first project. In that setting it is absolutely divine!! They are all great. Love the palms too and it’s fun to see something other than traditional ornamentation on a groin. True talent!

  8. Debbie Hayes
    1430 days ago

    Groin week made my week! Now I’m groin home…

  9. Mindy Harrell
    1430 days ago

    Simply stated. Fanta-bulous!!!

  10. Lynne Rutter
    1430 days ago

    what an awesome blog week! brava regina, and nice work, jeff!

  11. Tamra/The Gilded Barn
    1430 days ago

    I love Jeff’s work! Gorgeous stuff!!

  12. Sharon Leichsenring
    1430 days ago

    OK, hats off first, Regina, as always, a great, sumptuous week.
    Mr. Huckaby, Fantastic work. Love the basketweave. Love looking at everything.

  13. Ellen Sweet Moss
    1429 days ago

    Regina, wow….I am inspired again. You sure know how to pick the most amazing work. thank you so much. ellen

  14. steve shriver
    1429 days ago

    Digging the woven palms! I’m working on a new groin vaulted ceiling right now.

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