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February 21, 2011 1 Comment by Regina

I’ve relied on all types of social media and blogs to lead me to beautiful discoveries that I then profile here on Fauxology. A curious thing has happened in the meantime. As some of you have commented, become fans on the Fauxology FB page and also signed up for our newsletter, I’ve noticed that there are some Readers with extraordinary work and viewpoints — and I haven’t come across you yet! I was interviewed recently for a blog and the last question was “What’s next for you and how can we help you?” and I thought that was so, so thoughtful…and then, of course, I wanted to share that sentiment with YOU, dear Readers.

So, I’m listing all our regular series and features to let you know how to submit your artistry, your products, your studios…

1) Portrait of an Artist – This series focuses on artists around the world with extraordinary work. If you’d like a chance to share your story, please send 3 – 4 photos of your work and website link with the subject line: Portrait of an Artist. The two requirements are that you have a website and that you work professionally in the decorative painting industry.

2) Faux-cus on the Pros – This series focuses on anyone involved in the design industry who’d like to share their artistry, products and/or services. The two requirements are that you have a website and that you be involved within the design industry. Past profiles have included Interior Designers, Social Media Mavens, Wallcovering Artisans, Photographers, Product and Stencil Manufacturers. Let’s add you to the list! Please send your website link with the subject line: Faux-cus on the Pros.

3) Spotlight on Studios – This series focuses on showcasing innovative studios within the decorative painting industry. Have a super-cool class with finishes we must see? Incredible Master Artisans teaching at your place? Send your studio info along with the subject line Spotlight on Studios. The two requirements are that you have a website and that you have a current schedule of workshops available. [...and btw, do you know about the Faux Calendar? Very cool for you as well. :) Ok, moving along...]

4) The Deets – This brand-new series (debuting soon!) focuses on the innovative, wonderful products and tools in our industry. Do you have cool ones to share with our Readers? Please send your website and a quick synopsis of your product with the subject line: The Deets. This is not an interview series or to necessarily showcase an entire product line but rather a beautiful, quick way to share what a particular product is and what it does.

5) Blog Beat – Have a blog that you think is amazing? Let us know about it! It does need to be updated regularly (at least a few times per month) and be of interest to our readership — those are the requirements!  Subject line: Blog Beat.

6) Special Projects – Is there a special project you have that you know should be featured?  A restaurant, a hotel or an incredible room in a wonderful residence?  If it’s a gem of a commission, we want to know…and, of course, share your artistry and company with everyone.  Subject line: Special Projects.

The e-mail address is

Of course, you can always submit compliments — those are welcome, too! If you have a complaint, send that along with the subject line “You’re Gonna Need Some Coffee for This”. ;) Please note that not all submissions will be chosen for publishing but I daresay you, dear Readers, will share many fantastic discoveries. These get booked up months in advance so I just want you to be aware of that, mmm-kay? An effort is made to respond to all e-mails but know that it might take a bit of time as well. Thank you — and have a great day!

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