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Inspired by Wallpaper

August 19, 2011 6 Comments by Regina

I happen to think our industry has a yin yang relationship with wallpaper.  They are technically our competition, yes, but I feel that each industry frequently helps inspire the other creatively.  I came upon the Wall & Decò line via a post on Decor8 and they are so hip and creative — the images do get the creative juices stirring.

Black and White, always striking.  Love how these two (top, bottom) work so well.  It’s nice how the design within the giraffe is less spotty, more unique.


I like the unique pattern underneath, the overall stencil on top with the pattern ending unexpectedly. Gorgeous dress, too.


Love this large "fuzzy" graphic and the almost-sepia tone it has.

(Above) What a versatile graphic pattern. Nice color variation on the right.

Effortlessly chic.

Oh, I know this is not for everyone but look at the elements. Overall, neutral distressed pattern in the background and a colorful and unusual work of art adding an enjoyable moment.  I think it’s perfect for the right boutique hotel or restaurant.  Would LOVE to tackle something like this. You?

~   ~   ~

So there you have it. The line runs quite a few styles but it’s absolutely unique.  Inspiring, no?  Especially when you want to get out of that Same-O, Same-O rut and you have a fabulous designer and/or client to do so with.  Let me know your thoughts on these – I’m very curious.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Barbara Clark
    1218 days ago

    Stunning group of images. Thanks Regina.

  2. Kass Wilson
    1217 days ago

    These are absolutely wonderful. Makes me want to run to the studio and start on new samples!

  3. Lesley Anne Kinney
    1217 days ago

    You always find the most amazing images! I often get inspired by wallpaper and have twice been asked to replicate wallpaper that was no longer available.

  4. Sharon Leichsenring
    1217 days ago

    Love, love the oversiz-ed “fuzzy” graphic.

  5. Ladies in the Pink
    1215 days ago

    These are absolutely beautiful! I think I could fall in love with wallpaper looks! So excited to find your blog via a @BeehiveBlog list!

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