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Nailheads, Studs & Tacks – Oh My!

February 17, 2012 5 Comments by Peggy Pardo

I’m looking into learning how to reupholster some great wingback chairs I bought for a sinfully low price at a local thrift store. Don’t be jealous. They are still a hideous, although excellent quality, light blue fabric; most of which is covered in cat hair. And they’ll probably be that way for a while. When I finally find the fabric I want to use on them, I’ll take them out of hiding and do a post about the makeover. I promise. Now back to my point…In my research, I found some really great applications of nailhead trim, decorative tacks, studs and such. Designers and artists are getting very creative in using these items and it’s not always on furniture! I knew I had to share some of my finds with you.

I have to start with three amazing projects done by the design firm of Bilhuber & Associates. They have taken the use of nailhead trim to a new heights…

Studded Foyer Wall by Bilhuber & Associates

Studded Living Room Wall by Bilhuber & Associates

Studded Walls in a Room by Bilhuber & Associates

Source: Bilhuber & Associates

This next application is my absolute favorite. It was done by Jessica Hische using nailhead…

Jessica Hische- Nailhead Wall

Source: Jessica Hische at Flickr

If the above projects are a bit time consuming, you can buy wallpaper that already has the rivets done for you…

Source: Copper On Eleph – Phillip Jeffries Ltd.

You’ve seen tacks and nailhead trim on upholstered furniture, but have you seen it like this…

Studded White SofaSource: The Sydney Sofa –  Shine by S.H.O.

Think of all the things you could do with an ordinary cabinet to make it extraordinary. All you need is a great decorative finish and some tacks…

Studded Cabinet

Source: Costa Del Sol Andalusian Portico Chest – Stanley Furniture

How about dressing up a plain old lamp…

Studded Lamp

Source: Raschella Golden Bronze Porcelain Tower Table Lamp – Lamps Plus

Any door can become a piece of art when you open up your creative mind. This door is covered in leather then studded with nailhead. You could do something similar to your door using fabric or a decorative faux leather or textured finish…

Studded Leather Door

Source: Houzz

These are just a few of the myriad pictures I found using nailhead trim, studs and ordinary tacks. Let your imagination run wild. Then send me some pictures!!

Have a great weekend!

Cheers to all,
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  1. Laura Stoyakevytch
    1037 days ago

    Check out drg Drager’s Canvases want to talk about using Studs! Her work is Phenomenal!

  2. Regina
    1037 days ago

    Peggy – am just loving your post and pics for Fauxology, wanted to tell you that! I’m swooning over that first pic! And the green door…the lettering, too. :) Great ideas for inspiration.

  3. Peggy Pardo
    1036 days ago

    Thank you Regina! I love that first pic too. That room is amazing!

  4. Rebecca Grace
    1035 days ago

    Peggy, these are gorgeous — add me to the list of those swooning over the first picture with the gothic arches trimmed in nailheads! I have a couple pictures to share with nailheads, if you are interested — but I can’t find your email address anywhere!

  5. Peggy Pardo
    1034 days ago

    Rebecca, I’d love to see your photos! My email address is

    Sorry you couldn’t find it. I will have to fix that!

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