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I’ve Just Seen a Face…

November 14, 2012 5 Comments by Regina

One of my Top 5 Favorite Beatles song is I’ve Just Seen a FaceLove that song.  I’m also very fond of faces in Interior Design so imagine my pleasure at spotting a few more.  Shall we?

(above) This is a beautiful wall mural that Amerikka Design Office specified for the of Chico’s restaurant in Finland. It was featured in both La Boheme and The Contemporist.

(above) A Chinese restaurant, Mr. Wong, in Sydney, Australia and the decor is decidedly 1930′s glamour.  Beautiful portrait, no? The restaurant was featured in We Heart.

So many fantastic artists leave their indelible marks in public places.  Above, you can see the emotional work of Andrea Michaelsson in Barcelona and below is the unique work of El Mac.

(below) We finish off with a particularly famous face, that of Jean Harlow (the Pop Art version, of course).  At one time, it was the façade of the influential London boutique Granny Takes a Trip. I didn’t know it then, but it was the inspiration for an interior mural I shared in a 2008 post.

I hope this has proved enjoyable, gorgeous ones.  Do let me know if have created a similar work of art for yourself or a client as I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Alison
    764 days ago

    Great post! I think people could use more portraits in interior decoration. I also love the idea of bringing the graffiti style stencil into the home.

  2. Regina
    764 days ago

    Me too, Alison! I think it’s so striking and left of center — truly beautiful when done well.

  3. Helen Morris
    763 days ago

    Gosh Granny takes a trip was one of my hubby’s haunts back in the day. Love the Michaelsson and El Mac.

  4. sheri
    763 days ago

    Love the unsual places you are finding these protraits.

  5. Regina
    763 days ago

    It was SO much fun learning more about Granny Takes a Trip. I would have loved to have seen all the exteriors they had going — plus all the fashion, too! Thank you for the lovely comment!
    :) Regina

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