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Wedding Belles

November 29, 2012 2 Comments by Regina

Recently, I was reading CNN and came across an article featuring colorful wedding dresses which featured Texas-based fashion house St. Pucchi. Not only are their dresses exquisite, but the locations they choose to do the photo shoots are as well.  Let’s take a look.

Love the glazed backgrounds below…

Great textured & papered aged metallic background above and I looooooove the rusted beams and background below. Modern Masters would be able to help me out with both!

Do click on the images above to enlarge them a bit. Very cool finish for the right space!

Such creative and loose ornamental scrollwork above – very nice lilac-gray colorations, too.

Although I commented on the backgrounds, I do think each and every dress is beautiful — there’s something for everyone! Please do take a moment to see the St. Pucchi website – they have glorious dresses and lots of eye candy.  If you’re shopping for a wedding dress, do note they have boutiques in the US and internationally. I also enjoyed reading the story about the designer, Rani Totman, and the success she has enjoyed since launching her company in 1985. I hope you’ve also enjoyed seeing her designs amongst these beautiful backgrounds. Which would you say is your favorite dress and background?  Stay inspired, gorgeous ones!

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  1. Theresa Cheek
    751 days ago

    Were there dresses in these photos? LOL!! I would love to know the genius behind the backdrop designs….they all have such drama. Fantastic post Regina!

  2. Regina
    751 days ago

    Thank you, Theresa! I agree – they have a wonderful set design team and photographer!

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