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We firmly believe our Readers are the most creative, inspiring, intelligent and imaginative rainmakers in the decorative painting and interior design fields.

Our Readers are practicing decorative artisans, interior designers, DIYers and everyone with a love of beautiful interiors. They check in with Fauxology daily to be inspired by brilliant works of art, exquisite spaces & places and cutting-edge products and services and we are in turn, inspired by their savviness, aesthetic eye and knowledge.  Our posts and advertising only feature companies and products we genuinely love, admire and are a beautiful fit with our blog and Readers. Sponsorship on Fauxology offers you access to our passionate followers of decorative painting and interior design.

Fauxology was started in 2007 by artisan Regina Garay to write and share her love of decorative painting and all things design. It has grown to be the pre-eminent daily blog in the faux finishing and decorative painting industry. The blog serves up original, fresh, beautiful and inspiring content on a daily basis.

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