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Saturday, August 4, 2012 – Full Day Workshop
Building Your Online Brand (Sarasota, FL) taught by Regina Garay


Social Media is a cultural shift and it has affected how we market and sell our business today and into the future. With the incredible adoption of social platforms by millions of businesses and individuals, companies can now present a unified web presence with the added plus of also engaging directly with their end consumer, community and industry.  Through research, conferences and talking to top tech experts, Regina Garay of SociaComm has culled the best information and put together the most effective ways they can be used by the creative industries.  Many still ask “We’ve set up our accounts…but what do we do now?” as well as the all-important “How will this truly help my business?”.  During the workshop, you will come to understand how to create an effective Social Media plan for your business.  The following topics will be covered:

  • Facebook Fan Pages: Encouraging Engagement and Growth
  • Pinterest: Best Actions for Curating and Marketing
  • Maintaining and Growing a Blog
  • Twitter Overview and Effective Use
  • Creating an Online Marketing Plan to Create Buzz without Spending Money
  • Shortcuts that Make all the Difference
  • Question and Answer session

In contrast to direct advertising, Social Media has enabled a two-way conversation that is being driven by the customer.  You are now no longer just trying to find them – they are now actively looking to find you.  The class is tailored to help a creative business navigate the web independently, create engaging content and showcase some of the important sites to establish an online presence. Materials with resource guides will be given to each student and bringing a laptop, tablet or other tech device to use during class is highly recommended.  WiFi will be available as well as charging stations.