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10 Oct

Sunday Coffee and Conversations: The Engagement Ultimatum

Hello! It has been brought to my attention that I don’t talk nearly enough about my personal life on the Fauxology blog. I feel a bit uncomfortable with the whole “here’s me at the park, here’s me eating, just saw this movie…”. I enjoy reading it on other blogs, I just feel like somewhere out there someone might say “Get it going, Faux Girl. We need deets, just not yours so much.” Am I wrong? Well, I’ll make an attempt on this beautiful Sunday and we’ll see how it goes

If we were to head out for Sunday coffee, you’d find out that a very important part of my life is The Hubs. He’s supportive, kind, incredibly smart and witty — my kind of gorgeous yumminess. We’ve been married for over twelve years and we still might not be had I not been given…well, let me preface this by saying I’m not your typical girl. Marriage was never a goal since I wasn’t terribly interested in it. When we attended a wedding in Jamaica, the (pre) Hubs said in passing “You know, getting married would be nice…”. We talked about different scenarios for a few weeks and then we I forgot about it when life took over. Until those fateful, swooning few minutes. I give you the Romance:

Scene: Our Home, 7 pm-ish. I’m washing dishes, (pre) Hubs strolls to counter.
P-HUBS: Babe.
ME: (hands soapy and puckered) Yeah, honey?
P-HUBS: I need to be married before I’m 30.
ME: (confused) Isn’t that, like, in two weeks?
P-HUBS: Yup. (waiting)
ME: (confused) Wait. Are you asking me specifically or is that a statement in general, like whoever you can find that agrees?
P-HUBS: (exasperated) Of course, you! I think we’ve been stalling long enough. I’d like to be married within two weeks.
ME: (confused) Uhm…dude. Seriously? There’s, like, things to plan. People to invite. Geez, flowers… (freaking) I don’t have the time to put this together!
P-HUBS: (happy) Leave it all to me. I’ll take care of everything. You just make sure you’re there.
ME: (dazed) Uhm…ok…

And that Ladies & Gentlemen, is how I was hooked and tagged. On a Monday at 11 am in the local courthouse. In front of 10 guests. By the 81-year old town mayor. Who said “Are you serious?” when we handed him our self-written vows. (I did have a thing about the obey part…) Who was then upset because this made him late to cut the ribbon for the butcher shop opening. Then, in his haste, called us by the wrong names. Plus, I only have ten pics of the event — six of them Polaroids — because thankfully, two loved ones thought to bring a camera. Afterwards, we all chose an Italian restaurant to celebrate in when The Hubs looked dismayed at the “Where’s the reception?” question.

My Life. It’s writes itself, everyone. It. Writes. Itself.

Two wedding cakes. TWO. Cause that's how we roll.

So, am I wistful at engagement and wedding moments in film? Of course! But I love the sound of laughter better when we tell The Engagement Ultimatum story. Here’s the thing: Even without the fairy tale events, I wound up with the fairy tale ending. Seriously. I love the man. I love our families. I love my life. I love my business. AND I love this blog that we share, dear Readers. Thank you for indulging me this moment. Maybe there’ll be others. Let’s finish our Sunday coffee now. :)

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