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Decorative Painting Tour

I love decorative painting, architecture & design.  Everytime I travel, I always fervently hope I didn’t miss anything related to those.  Sometimes I  know I probably won’t have the chance to visit that destination again and if I find out later I missed something?  Oof.  So, I thought to put together a list of places around the world one must see.  I do need YOUR help.  If you know of a place that one can visit, please send it in.  Please feel free to say a bit about it or just point me to the link. I’ll put it up on the list and credit/link to you for sharing it.  Much appreciated! I’ll continue organizing the list as they come in.  Now, let’s take a tour…

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Eastern Germany

Wartburg Castle
Submitted by: Gina – Art and Alfalfa
Recommendation: “My blog post An Ornamentalist’s Goldmine depicts rooms within the castle.  The frescoes are fantastic and so are the mosaics.”



Central Coast

Hearst Castle
Submitted by: Tamra Cook – Alexander Cook Custom Finishes
Recommendation: “I am so very grateful to live on the Central Coast of California and one place one must see is Hearst Castle! When you click the link on Art/History you will see a small sample of the amazing art and decor of one of America’s beautiful castles.”

Napa Valley

Submitted by: JoAnn Locktov – Bella Figura Communications
On Website: Villa Ca’Toga is the home of Carlo Marchiori, known for his period-style murals. He has created an enchanting villa of whimsy and visual delight.


Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor Resort
Submitted by: Joy Conway – Funwalls
Recommendation: “There is a lot to whet your appetite!”

District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)

Library of Congress
Submitted by: Regina Garay – Garay Artisans
Recommendation: “Seriously, you’ll be in shock. I wrote two posts about them and included images – Day One and Day Two.  I’d say plan on spending the better part of a day there.  Be sure to check out the library areas as well, not just the main public areas.”

The National Building Museum
Submitted by: Sean Hennessey – Sean Hennessey Art
Recommendation: “Eight faux marble columns that are 75 ft. high and 8 ft. in diameter.”

The Smithsonian American Art Museum
Submitted by: Sean Hennessey – Sean Hennessey Art
Recommendation: “The Luce Center contains fantastic faux marble and gilding work.  The hallway adjacent is a restoration of the Victorian enhancements that the building went through in the 1890′s, completed with stenciled glass, glazed molding and glazed plaster relief castings.”



Submitted by: Regina Garay – Garay Artisans
Recommendation: “A decorative painter’s dream. Plus, gorgeous gardens. A must.”  Read & See Post One and Post Two



The Painted Churches of Texas
Submitted by: Karen Sabrsula – Never Enough Thyme Studio
Recommendation: “The first time I saw these, I was with my Father. I was in Texas for a SALI convention and he wasn’t real sure what I was doing with my life! After seeing these churches and I explained to him that this was similar to what I was doing, it all made sense to him and he was so excited that I had decided to become an artist! Of course, being of Czech decent helped!”