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Peggy Pardo

Peggy Pardo is an interior decorator, professional organizer and author of The Moving Handbook. Her healthy obsession with decorating and design started to emerge when she was a young girl. Whenever she would think about what she wanted to do when she grew up, the first thing she did was create a floor plan for her office and cut out pictures of what it would look like inside. For Peggy, Barbie’s dream home wasn’t limited to what the toy company could dream up but rather what Peggy could dream up. As a budding DIYer she’d use shoe boxes, markers, aluminum foil, fabric, and whatever else she could find to make it a reality. Alas, she didn’t recognize that this should be her career path and instead embarked upon a more “stable” future – business administration.

After several years of working in human resources and office management, Peggy stepped away to become a stay-at-home mom. Once her daughter started school, she put the skills she had acquired in the business world to use and started taking on clients as a professional organizer. Since many of her clients were also requesting help with their home décor, Peggy realized it was time to wake up a long sleeping dream. After finishing her studies, she began her career as an interior decorator that is also a cracker-jack organizer.

Peggy is married to a fabulous guy that understands her passion for design and her need to check out how every new window treatment she spies is put together. They have a beautiful daughter, Lindsay, who also shares Peggy’s creative DNA but for film, fashion and food – Lindsay helps mom pick out clothes; mom helps Lindsay pick out sofas.

When not devouring all things decorating, Peggy enjoys reading, putting together her community newsletter, sewing and eating Double-Stuff Oreo cookies with reckless abandon (but only on “free day”). Monday through Friday mornings you’ll find her at the gym working off the “free day” Oreos.

Peggy writes the interior decorating, organizing and DIY blog The Decorating Files. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,

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