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Mirror Patinas

Ornamental Patinated Mirror

Imagine gazing into a pool of water to catch a fleeting glimpse of your reflection — these first “mirrors” created a sense of wonder and magic. This kind of inventive thinking led to the creation of mirrors and glass and since that time in history, they have been used as both a necessity and as an object of design. Our family company, Garay Artisans, introduces the fusion of handcrafted antique patinas with ornamental design to delight the modern clients of today.

Whether the design be a gentle patina or a visual extravaganza, your vision is our command. Our glass and mirror pieces feel right at home in a grand hotel entryway, a unique armoire or a jewel box of a small guest bath. Our studio artisans create each mirror or glass commission by hand ? each is unique and each made custom to your specifications.

Garay Artisans was established in Orlando, Fl as a faux finishing firm in 1998 and our sibling-owned company has gained a reputation for excellence, winning national awards and local accolades. Working with design and architectural firms through the years, we’ve learned to instinctively understand — with texture and color — our client’s vision. In this collection, we bring our artisan expertise to the world of mirrors. Countless hours are spent in studio generating ideas and producing new patinas to delight the senses. Our company looks to maintaining the extraordinary quality of the past while keeping a steady eye on future sustainability. Journey through the looking glass and step into a world filled with colorful magic, beautiful design and artisan mystery.

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