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Liquid Stainless Steel Review and Giveaway!

September 30, 2011 45 Comments by Regina
Hello! We are going to be occasionally featuring guest blog posts written by fellow decorative artists.  These “Fauxologists” will either post reviews, create tutorials or just share gorgeous images and information.  I’m really excited about it all!  First up is the lovely Rima Bechara of Massachusett’s Walls & More.  We first featured Rima when she gave us a tour of her home country in the wonderful post A Trip to Lebanon. Today, she reviews the Liquid Stainless Steel product as she took on her own refrigerator as a project.  Not only does she guide us, but there’s also another plus in their for you – a Giveaway! One of you will win a complimentary kit of your choice.  Cool, no?  Let’s dig in!

Rima Bechara: When I first heard that Liquid Stainless Steel paint was developed to change the color of appliances, stoves and refrigerators from any color to Stainless Steel, I was very skeptical. I did not believe that any paint could create such a drastic change and do it well.  I was curious, though, and thought it would be great idea to try it out on the white, ugly fridge sitting in my garage.

I watched the online video to see how it was done and how much work was involved. It seemed easy and simple to do so I ordered the kit. Whilst waiting for the paint to arrive, I casually mentioned the plan to my family; they thought I had lost my mind. If you could see my kitchen cabinets, you would understand why! Every cabinet was painted in a different color.  (I could not settle on one color. It has become a joke even amongst our friends). I was very excited and could not wait for my kit to arrive.

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Kit

When my kit arrived, included were 1) Written instructions, 2) a CD, 3) a paint tray, 4) all the tools that were needed to complete the project; 5) the Basecoat and 6) the Top coat. I looked through the written information and watched the CD over & over again.  (You can also do this on tables & kitchen cabinets!)


I first tested if my fridge was metal — if it was not, I would have to prime it but luckily I did not have to do that.  I also followed their instructions for cleaning the fridge.  Although the paper said I did not have to take the food out, the fridge in the CD looked empty and so I did not unplug it.  I also decided that since this is my extra fridge in the garage, I would paint it with the doors closed and I would not do the inside of the doors or the seals. (I may try to paint the seal part later just to see how well it adheres.)  I also removed the white freezer door handle to paint black.

After stirring the paint well for a while, I was ready to go.  As the paint has metal in it, there is a strong smell. This needs to be done in a well-aired area. I rolled the paint using the tools they provided in the kit.  I removed the Maytag sign and painted the freezer door and then the sides and top of the fridge. For the purposes of this review I decided not to paint the fridge door at that point. It would be easier to compare the Before & After. After I finished the first coat, the fridge looked terrible.

First Coat!

I did a second coat an hour later and it looked a little better.  By the time I did the third coat it looked good.  I felt it was a little streaky so I did a fourth coat and repeated the entire process for the main door. I then decided to stop for the day.  I was happy with the changes I was seeing.

Second, Third and Fourth Coats - seeing progress!

The next day I ran into the garage and my fridge looked GREAT and SPECTACULAR, just like stainless steel.  I was ecstatic! I put the clear coat on the areas that I had painted. I wanted the satin look so I only painted one coat of clear. I had sprayed the door handle black & I attached it to the fridge the next day. My family was so impressed.

For even more fun, I decided to decorate the freezer door.  I used a stencil from Victoria Larsen and mixed a bead gel with silver quartz beads from Wonderfaux Studios in Texas. The gel helps suspend the beads nicely and although opaque when wet, it dries clear. I attached the stencil with low tack tape and began to apply the gel and bead mixture.  Once the gel became dry and clear, I used Martha Stewart glue to apply clear Swarovski crystals and butterfly beads to the design.

Before & After – even painting the handle made a big difference!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a good fridge but wants to change the color. I was really nervous after the first coat and I do think at least 4 coats of paint are needed.  It does have a strong scent so keep the windows opened.  I would note that you do need to have an empty fridge and freezer. The only potential problem I felt that needed to be addressed was that the tool with the foam was beginning to come apart when I put on the clear. I would like to see this foam tool a little bit sturdier or maybe have two of them in the kit. All in all, I really enjoyed myself and even my family was happy with the way it looked!  This fridge could now move to any living room, it looked like a piece of furniture.

*  *  *  *  *

Rima Bechara is based in Boston and owns the Walls & More studioThank you, Rima, for such a wonderful review!  The products were created by the GIANI company who has won awards for their  unique kitchen coatings that are “changing the way America remodels its kitchens”.  They have two water-based product lines: the aforementioned Liquid Stainless Steel and Giani Granite, which helps create the look of granite countertops.  Do see their Gallery of images and granite colors available.  Both websites have a FAQs area and complete information on the product lines and ordering.  They also have a great Facebook Fan page and a Twitter stream.

G  I  V  E  A  W  A  Y

One lucky Reader will receive a complimentary Liquid Stainless Steel Kit or the Giani Granite Kit in any color chosen to get you going on your own personal project!  (Value: $69.95)  For your chance to win, please leave a comment on this post letting us know the product you are most interested in and your creative plans for it — you know we all love to read inspired ideas!  The Giveaway is open to everyone and one Winner will be chosen at random from the comments.  Deadline: Friday, October 7, 2011.  Good Luck!

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  1. Monica Arrache
    1178 days ago

    This is fantastic, as I was reading and looking at the final picture, I was like “get out”! LOL I love this, makes me want to find a project to try out…OHHHH, I bet my old file cabnets would look great. Thanks for sharing….

  2. Allyson Wong
    1178 days ago

    I think this is a revolutionary idea! I could see a product like this selling easily. Especially now when many people cant afford to buy new appliances. I have a kitchen with mismatched color appliances and this would be the perfect solution. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mmarxen
    1178 days ago

    Okay, I’m in! You did a very thorough review of the Stainless Steel kit, and I think I could tackle it now given the chance. (I hope I win!) As a renter, the idea is brilliant. Thanks for the post.

  4. Gwen Ware
    1178 days ago

    I would love to try the Liquid Stainless Steel. I think it would be cool to do a table top and experiment on using it as a backsplash or countertop. This sounds like a very interesting product!

  5. Dana Tucker
    1178 days ago

    I saw this product on Pinterest and have been curious about it. We are getting ready to move into a house with mismatched appliances. White dishwasher, black microwave, cream refrigerator. This product might save me thousands of dollars. I’d love to win some and try it out. Great job Rima!!!

  6. anna sadler
    1178 days ago

    OMG Rema, thats absolutely fabulous and so customized with your lovely bling added!!

    well, we have 2 extra refrigerators and freezers in our garage because I am always cooking for 20, {even though we are a family of 3!}
    i would love to tackle both appliances and make them match, so after we move in January, we could spruce them up, but the idea I have is to do all our Coleman coolers that we use every day at work. Anyone who knows me knows we don’t go anywhere without our coolers and healthy food! our clients are always curious as to the feast we pack, so would be a cool form of advertising to do them up too! might just be our new sideline!!! customized stainless lunch coolers!!

  7. Carol
    1178 days ago

    Great job Rima! Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to get over to your house soon to check in out in person. :-)

  8. carmen
    1178 days ago

    It is so ironic you would post this today…was just thinking about buying a sheet of stainless steel and trying to adhere to the front of my black dishwasher. Ahh, Regina and Rema to the rescue! Now I will just have to try this out. Thanks ladies!!

    I guess anything is possible with paint!

  9. Glenda Mosley
    1178 days ago

    Love this, great review, Rema, I need it for my dishwasher

  10. Laura Harley
    1178 days ago

    Love it! Wondering about the long term durability of it, however.

  11. dawn
    1178 days ago

    What a great idea! The review made it sound “do-able” for anyone. Would love to try the stainless steel myself!

  12. Theresa Cheek
    1177 days ago

    bling on the fridge! Who knew? LOL! I love the whole concept and the “bling” just took it to another level.

  13. Victoria Larsen
    1177 days ago

    Rima does excellent work, but this one takes the cake! I love the finished product and it’s new “designer” look. GREAT tutorial!

  14. Ande Crenshaw
    1177 days ago

    Oh my gosh!!! Talk about changing a kitchen for less!!! I am so excited to try this and add it to the “what we can do for you” list for our clients!! I had no idea this was out there. Thanks for sharing Fauxology. :)

  15. Kathy Wear
    1177 days ago

    How cool is that. Great job.

  16. Tara
    1177 days ago

    Wow! Great review of an interesting product. This is the first time I have seen it and Rima’s comments and suggestions are very helpful.

  17. rima
    1177 days ago

    Thanks every one, your positive comments have done wonders for my ego, lol.
    Before I say any more I want to thank Regina, for her blog Fauxology, which allows us all to share & learn from each other. It takes a lot of work & effort to maintain fresh creative information on a daily basis. I love your blog Regina.
    Regina has truly been an inspiration for me, helping me realize that I do not have to limit myself, to the things I know how to do, actually I think most of us get into a rut where we think, that we have reached our potential but in fact we really have not even scratched the surface. Regina helped me see & realize that I will never know what I can do unless I try, even if I fail that is not what is important. So thank you so much Regina for this lesson and thank you for your blog.
    As far as durability are concerned, I waited for 3 weeks I don’t know if that is long enough for this paint to cure, I wiped with a soft cloth, I did not spray windex on the fridge, but n the cloth and so far it I have not noticed any damage, the areas with the geltex that I use a feather duster on, I should check with Michelle from Wonderfaux Studios, on the cleaning instructions.
    I think the customized coolers are a great idea, go for it, let us know how it works out for you.
    Carol, please come by anytime you are more than welcome.
    Victoria, thank you for continuing to come up with such creative stencils, this one in particular is one that I love.
    The best thing about this product is that it is doable by every one just follow the instructions.
    Thanks again and if you have any questions just ask away.

  18. Janie
    1177 days ago

    This is fascinating, I’d love to give it a try and see the results first hand. I also love the addition of the beaded stencil – BEAUTIFUL!

  19. Chris Smith
    1177 days ago

    Another super job Rima! I would love to try it at my son’s group home. Think I could ad some grout lines to come up with SS subway tile look. Thanks for sharing!

  20. shel
    1177 days ago

    Love the fridge redo-awesome. I’d love to try the Giani Granite Chocolate Brown countertop paint. I have that old green swirl formica countertops popular back in the 50′s and it’s so worn and ugly, I can’t even stand wiping it down anymore. What an affordable fix it would be.

  21. Debra Lee
    1177 days ago

    I would love the Stainles Steel Kit. I like the look of the mirrored furniture and would like to create a similiar look!

  22. Sharon adelman
    1176 days ago

    Blown away with the final result. When I saw the initial work, hmm…..streaky and odd. Love it. What a lovely touch of embellishment on the top freezer door. A plus!!

  23. Tanya
    1176 days ago

    This is the coolest fridge I have ever seen! Rima, can you come to my house and do that to mine?!?!?! I LOVE the bling bling. So original!

  24. Camille
    1176 days ago

    Wow!! This is an incredible transformation, it actullay looks better than stainless steel.

  25. Gail Strebel
    1175 days ago

    Hello everyone~ I am the Art Coordinator for Giani Granite & I work in the same facility that manufactures the Liquid Stainless Steel. These 2 products are amazing and extremely affordable quick fixes for ugly countertops & appliances. Anna, I love the cooler idea and the LSS can be applied to plastic. We have so many things here at the office done in the LSS ie: plastic trash cans, cabinets, sinks & old metal file cabinets, etc… These items have been painted for years now and have had no issues with water or peeling or any issues for that matter. We also have the Giani Granite in our kitchen area and have had no issues with it either and we have about 30+ employees that use the kitchen on a daily basis.
    If any of you have questions feel free to call 800-650-5699 or you can e-mail me as well-
    Good luck with the contest all & happy painting! ~ Gail

  26. Beth Orasco
    1175 days ago

    The refrigerator looks amazing! But for me, I’m in need of a countertop makeover and absolutely love the Giani Granite project. When I bought my house 10 years ago I knew I didn’t like the counters at all, but really hated them more when I saw the same counters at the neighborhood Walgreens. Help me Giani make my house a unique and beautiful home!

  27. Jenn at Chucka Stone Designs
    1175 days ago

    I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Liquid Stainless yet as I live in an apartment so 1) appliances aren’t mine and 2) ventilation is virtually impossible. BUT! I have used the Granite and holy crow that stuff is the BEST!!

    I’m not joining in the giveaway because I’ve already received my sample kit from Gail (thanks again and hi!) but I had to tell Rima how beautiful of a job she did on this fridge! Wow, I’m totally looking forward to testing out my LSS kit when we close on our home later this year.

    Thanks for the great before & after photos, looks great!

  28. Stacey Gomes
    1175 days ago

    I am first interested in the Giani Granite to makeover my kitchen counters which are an old laminate in a shade of off white. They stain easily and look horrid! Once I get those transformed, I would like to update and match the appliances in the stainless finish!

  29. Maya
    1175 days ago

    Beautiful! Looks great!

  30. Janae ryan
    1175 days ago

    I’d love to use the product you used, the liquid stainless steel, to make all of my appliances match!

  31. nathalie nielsen
    1172 days ago

    Wow this fridge transformation is amazing – Love the creative touch with the Gel-tex bead- I could see this product being used over the old oak or white cabinets in garage – bet my husband would love that to match his new tool cart….next project if I win the kit -

  32. J. M.
    1171 days ago

    I’d like the liquid stainless steel kit to use on furniture for an installation project I’d like to create for an upcoming solo exhibition.

  33. Beth Warnecke
    1171 days ago

    Thank you Rima for a great piece (and for experimenting for all of us, lol). Also thank you to Regina for always coming up with fun and interesting articles for us to WOW over :) The LSS looks amazing and I would love to spruce up my bar counter-top and fridge! Gail – fancy meeting you on here and I hope you’re having a blast with all those new pallets we’ve been seeing :) Everyone have a great weekend!

  34. Christina
    1171 days ago

    I think that this is an amazing idea! I came across this product (both the liquid stainless steel and the faux granite) while researching ideas on how to update my kitchen inexpensively. I can’t wait to try it! My appliances don’t match, and they are too good to justify the expense of replacing right now. I would LOVE to try the LSS on my stove and refrigerator. I think it would be awesome!!

  35. Allyson Wong
    1171 days ago

    Anna! I love your cooler idea! I hope you put the bling on it too.

  36. Jennifer Rote
    1171 days ago

    I really need to win and want to win the Giani Granite. My kitchen really needs some help! lol

  37. kristin
    1171 days ago

    ~ the fact that i stumbled upon this giveaway is pure karma as someone / something out there feels very sorry for me and my 21 year old rusting fridge and wants me/ needs me to win. i am a trompe l’oeil artist and have tried every which way to conceal the rust spots that are seeping through the surface. oh, how happy i would be to win the Liquid Stainless Steel magic as all of my other appliances are stainless…! pretty please & thank you [ fingers crossed! ] ~ kristin

  38. Sass Lassley
    1170 days ago

    Great project! love it RIma!

  39. Maude
    1148 days ago

    All I can say to that is WOW.. I am usually not one who is a fan of the trendy stainless steel… However, the stencling in the middle makes it come together perfectly.. Beautiful job!!!


  40. johanna
    1091 days ago

    I’m excited to use the Stainless steel paint, I have a black fridge, I’m always cleaning it, and then it still does not luck clean.

  41. CarolAnn
    886 days ago

    What a great step by step Rima gave. She is def a good reference to your product.

  42. Nancy Chace
    667 days ago

    It came out beautiful Rima! Love the embellishments too–really nice touch.

  43. Karen
    441 days ago

    Rima you are the answers to my prayers. I have been trying to figure out how to revise my “Brady Bunch Kitchen” on a very low budget. would be happy to win either product as everything in my kitchen needs some tlc. Been thinking to try to paint my tongue and groove tile ceiling to look like old tin tile, Do you think this would work with liquid steel?

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