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Mixed Media Artist Jill Ricci

December 14, 2011 5 Comments by Regina

I love coming across inspired uses of finishes, techniques and pattern. Artist Jill Ricci states, “One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text — our modern hieroglyphics” — and you can see it clearly in her work.  Her artistry has such a great balance of texture, color and design.  I actually spotted it via the pins of Nena Garza-Sexton of Texas’ NCF Studio of Decorative Art.  Take a look…

Ms. Ricci is based in New Jersey and she is also part owner of the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ.  She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and a degree from Sheffield School of Interior Design.  She works primarily in mixed media on surfaces such as wood and canvas. Please click to enlarge the pics.

If Not Now, a collaboration with artist Porkchop

Vanity ~ Mixed Media on Canvas

Moonchild (above left), W-03 (above right)

Mixed media on canvas. Amore (above left), Dark & Lovely (above right)

Cherish ~ Mixed Media on Canvas

Her go-to materials?

Paper, acrylic paint, wax, Venetian plaster, fabric and leaf. She also likes glitter and glass beads as embellishments and uses them to add an unexpected contrast.

Evoking “an old wall in Morocco, a Renaissance Church, a NYC subway wall and Malibu Barbie all simultaneously existing on one canvas” is her goal and I think she’s succeeded!  Please note that some of her artworks are available for purchase; do check her website to see more of her gallery.  What I like most about her pieces is that each time you take a look, you find something wonderful you had not seen before — and you wonder how it escaped your notice.  Do you see something you like?

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  1. julie
    1101 days ago

    Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. Elizabeth
    1100 days ago

    way cool!

  3. Peggy
    1100 days ago

    Thank you for introducing me to another wonderful artist! That is one of my favorite things about Fauxology.

  4. santambrogio sofas
    1099 days ago

    Just a delight love everything about this! Sass

  5. Andrei Kievsky
    1087 days ago

    Beautiful work

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