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Meet Regina Garay

Regina Garay is of Hispanic heritage and members of each side of the family are involved in various fields within interior design — you could say it runs in the genes. She started the Fauxology blog back in June 2007 to share her obsession with all things design, pattern, painting and finishing.

Her journey began in the late 1990s when she decided (after taking several big breaths) to leave her steady job in the music industry, step into The Great Unknown and start her own faux finishing business, Garay Artisans. A few years later, the work kept on coming and she begged her younger brother, Jason Rosales, to temporarily help out with a few jobs. Temporarily turned to permanently and they now own the business together. Eventually their youngest sister, Suzanne Rosales, stepped in as well to help with the marketing, promotion and graphic design of the company. They’ve also added a new dimension to their business with the Mirror Patinas, shipped worldwide.

Her firm’s work has been featured in newspapers, books and magazines in addition to receiving Grand Prize and First Place honors two years in a row for the Top Job Awards as decided by American Painting Contractor magazine. She is a member of the International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL) and was one of the first faux finishers in the country to be recognized as a Certified Faux Consultant by the Paint and Decorating Retailers of America. Her corporate goal for Garay Artisans is to continue elevating the artistry of decorative painting while maximizing the use of eco-friendly materials to support sustainable design.

At Work: Regina divides her time between working at the studio, blogging for Fauxology and of course, on top of scaffolds at the project sites. Her passion is working directly with designers and clients to create fresh surroundings, maintaining updated on all things Art and joining the crew in executing a project.  She enjoys interacting with all the team artisans and is frequently heard laughing — quite loudly, according to everyone — along with them.

At Leisure: Regina is happily married — or as she likes to say: “I had the golden ticket and won the Husband Lottery!”. They have a much-loved home shared with three gorgeous cats. Passions include traveling, being with her family, anything and everything pop culture, reading both serious and bubble-gum books, dancing to good music, TiVo programming — and enjoying the perfect cup of coffee. Though not all at the same time.